Recruiting firms. There are a lot of us searching for top talent and vying to get candidates placed in the right role—ultimately thriving to produce the most successful, symbiotic business relationships. Though the industry can seem as saturated as the tech start-ups in Silicon Valley (we could help them get staffed!), Next Level Recruiting is confident in our personalized approach to the staffing process…Zuckerberg or Larry Page type of confident.

We garner what our clients are searching for in a candidate from a point of industry knowledge and passion, and then take that customized understanding and work tirelessly to find the right fit for a role. We know it’s not just about matching someone’s resume bullets with a job description, and recognize company culture is a huge factor in the placement process. The right personalities must align to make the relationship succeed.

Like a quality dating app you pay for (sorry OK Cupid), we want to be the liaison for organic connections. We have a reputation for cultivating placements that last, ones that both parties can grow alongside—resulting in bolstered portfolios and free of any hesitation to post a selfie together.

Boasting a 97% stick rate on all delivered candidates within industries such as information technology, logistics, supply chain management, manufacturing, accounting, finance and healthcare, we understand the most viable and sought after performers become lax about their search, making it hard to recruit the ones most qualified for a placement.

So we leverage our global network, proprietary technologies and an inimitable approach from individual recruiters to work subtly but proactively in creating the perfect synergy between our clients and handpicked candidates. Think of us as the ideal Uber pool ride. We are timely, anticipatory of needs and overall serve as the vehicle to where everyone intended on going.

NLR may not have come up with the concept of recruiting—nursing it to fruition in a valley out west while introducing the concept of having unlimited snacks and seltzer on site—yet we are the ones continuously representative of how the industry should operate smoothly, innovatively and effectively.