It’s the profession that probably made the short list when kids were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up: “doctor, lawyer, nurse, trapeze artist…accountant.” Those mathematically inclined, or into circus aerobatics that is. Whether or not it was a favorite at career day in middle school, accounting is a popular and essential profession—especially during tax season.

Once all the numbers are crunched, deadlines are met and clients are (Uncle Sam willing) happily collecting refunds, the wake of tax season can leave an accountant feeling like an elementary school teacher who’s been bum rushed by a coup of third graders on sugar with no recess.

While there are indeed ways accountants can prepare for their busy block of the year, and sanely get through long hours and high demands, that time between January and April 15th has an inevitable impact on the numbers professional.

One facet of coming down from tax season is the possible lull that follows accountants being so busy for a condensed period of time. Their anxiety may shift from feeling the pressure of getting everything done for their clients to a sensation of “now what?” Yet there are plenty of jobs to keep accountants busy year round.

From financial advisement and recommending ways businesses can increase profit, to assisting with generalities like payroll or bookkeeping, CPAs definitely have the opportunity to fill any void between May and December. And if they’re craving any sort of tax fix, there are always extensions and audits companies need assistance with in the off-season.

If a tax season proves to be too brutal and makes an accountant want to revamp their career so they feel like they’re on a permanent summer vacation, Jeff Maddux, Founder of The Life Style Accountant, says, “you ALWAYS have options.” There’s even the possibility to become a globetrotting CPA.

If an accountant is looking to abandon the profession they started out with altogether, and pursue an alternative path free of a tax season, one area quite aligned with what an accountant has done for years is HR. Or, there’s always the option to teach math, yet a busy tax season could be more appealing.

Whether an accountant wants to keep tax momentum going year-round and not feel lost once returns are filed, or flee to a remote island with Wi Fi to conduct CPA business from there—the hectic tax season doesn’t have to serve as some form of detention.