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Ensuring Your CPA Exam Isn’t All Uphill

Think about it. You can either start training to be a ski jumper (one of the top hardest events) for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, somehow qualify last minute, or sneak in (and good luck pronouncing “Pyeongchang” to prove you belong there). Or, you [...]

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Recruiting Trends For 2017: A Continual Staffing Boom

Between domestic skepticism and an administration pierced with ongoing investigations, disintegrating icebergs, Brexit and the demise of Aaron Carter, these seem like apocalyptic times for most. However, the forecast for the recruiting world looks promising as 2017 builds on surges experienced in 2016. “2016 was [...]

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Being A Public Accountant: A Series of Benefits

OK, so you’re a public accountant and you’ve had it. You are ready to audition for whatever reality show you meet the age requirements for. Or better yet, invest in a GoPro and create your own series documenting accountants in their natural habitat, if you’re [...]

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Accounting: Life After Tax Season

It’s the profession that probably made the short list when kids were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up: “doctor, lawyer, nurse, trapeze artist…accountant.” Those mathematically inclined, or into circus aerobatics that is. Whether or not it was a favorite at career [...]

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